Mike, 24, Officiary

Mike, a 24-year-old officiary, is deeply committed to encouraging positive actions within his community, ensuring safety and justice. His journey has been marked by personal and professional trials, yet he has always emerged stronger, inspiring those around him with his tenacity. The greatest challenge he faced was nearly two years ago when his father, his greatest role model, passed away unexpectedly while on vacation in Malaysia. This profound loss not only tested him but also reinforced his resolve to make a meaningful impact, much like his father did.

Commitment to Community
Inspired by his father’s example, Mike’s commitment extends beyond his job; he is a pillar of support for friends and family. His story is not just about overcoming adversity but about making impactful choices that inspire change and foster a safer environment. This commitment fuels his desire to not only uplift his own community but also to motivate the broader community of Raffies Good Vibes.

Vision for the Future
Looking ahead, Mike is driven to enhance community relations and continue making bold choices that redefine his field and influence. His journey and the lessons learned from his father encourage us all to question norms, embrace creativity, and leave a lasting impact.